Dr. Tia Jolie Phillips


Custom Health Solutions

Are you making yourself crazy trying to use a broken medical system?  Do your doctors load you up with drugs & therapies without addressing the underlying causes of your symptoms?

Warning!  “Side effects” of restoring balance and physiological health may include weight loss, better mental acuity, improve digestion, better sex and more beautiful skin & hair.

Beauty & Vitality are Natural Conditions

It is 100% natural for your body, mind and Spirit to be healthy, pretty and vibrant.  It’s probable that you are experiencing nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxicities or both. You are NOT broken! 

The truth is that you are a living miracle who responds intelligently to your environment.  Let’s make your conditions right for you to thrive!

Meet Your Future “Best Self”

You are about to meet a very special somebody! She is amazing in every way & you know almost everything about her.  But, you have never seen her at her very best!

Let’s go find your future Best Self!  I will be your guide.  You may have doubts or feel that you lack some mysterious key to success.  I can only ask that you trust me until you learn to trust yourself.  You are a living miracle.

Happy, Healthy, Energized, Balanced & Grounded

Dr. Tia Jolie believes that your health should not be subject to the governance of medical associations who are controlled by big pharmaceutical companies.  In fact, some of her best clients are medical doctors who have grown frustrated with an incoherent medical system that often seems to do more harm than healing.

Tia Jolie is a Doctor of Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition (PhD) and she is an ordained Holistic Health & Healing Priestess which allows her to speak to you about your health with impunity, candor and absolute privacy protection.

She received her first academic degree in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy where her interests were in the physics of light and sound.  She has since expanded those interests to include the biological implications of cymatics, electromagnetic therapies, energy healing, orthomolecular science and epigenetics.

As a subject matter expert in holistic natural health & healing, Dr. Phillips consults medical doctors, speaks at health seminars and civic events, and is a personal coach & health resource to athletes and celebrities.  Most of Dr. Tia Jolie’s work is done via telephone and live video conferencing which allows her a worldwide reach.  However, many of her Florida clients prefer using her concierge services whereby she meets them at their homes or at work, serving the Florida counties of Lake, Orange, Polk and Sumter.

“The Quality of Your Life is related to the Quality of Your Questions. Ask them!”

– Dr. Tia Jolie Phillips

Private & Confidential

When is the last time–if ever–you shared with somebody any of your thoughts, worries, concerns, fantasies or dreams without the risk of being judged or outed? Can you imagine the relief you would have just getting those things off your back? Tia Jolie’s sworn ordination allows you complete privacy and her assurance of honest candor.


Dr. Phillips has been to almost 60 countries and has excelled in several careers and avocations. Her successes come in the wake of hurdles, issues, challenges, failures and tears. She has a spouse, children, grandchildren, bills to pay and crazy people in some of her circles. She gets it. Let her be the friend you never had.


Tia Jolie says that leadership is taken, not given. Having never received handouts of any kind, she has succeeded in real estate, military service, business, investing, relationships, aviation, sales and marketing and academics. Her proven track record can give you confidence that she can lead you to success in your next chapter.


Nothing is off limits. Nothing. Did you get that? You can chat with Dr. Phillips about anything from cryptocurrency to blood chemistry, from building healthy soils to dealing with stubborn family members, and from chronic health issues to dreams that you want to revive. Just do it.