Bringing forth Heaven on Earth

Helping others is among my favorite of life’s thrills I want to help you succeed to the degree that you are willing to actually help yourself. However, since success means different things to different people, a brief chat may be in order.

My experience is that healthy, balanced people have many, many dreams and desires while those in poor health have only one. As such, before I do anything else, I help those I love–which is everybody willing to peacefully engage me–find what they need to live a peaceful, healthy & balanced experience in this Earth place. We tackle the other issues after we have a health plan in place for you.

Although I no longer take new clients, I am always accepting new friends from across the world. (Yes, this means I consult for free for those who are coachable, subject to my availability to do so.) As such, if you are one who is seeking more wealth, better health, relief from chronic conditions, ways to manage stressful relationships, more vitality and mental clarity, or the restoration of youthful appearance and emotional disposition, I wish to introduce you to your Future Best Self.