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TJ Reports by Tia JolieI am Tia Jolie, an independent, self-syndicated news columnist and a self-published author.  I provide insight, attitude, passion and perspective about our world to my readers.  I report to you via my online news feed, TJ Reports, in which I cut through political double-speak, cast aside societal memes, circumnavigate marketing “white noise” and flag both the irrational and the nonsensical.

The result?  Probably NOT what you might expect.

My world is one of love, peace, kindness, rationality, health, happiness and fairness.  I am a constructive critical thinker and a problem solver.  I enjoy making sense of the inexplicable, imputing reason into insane situations, and destroying irrationality with reason and logic.  My goal is to be a catalyst for positive change.  You will find my methods, means, modes and messages to be moral, meaningful, moderated and meticulous.

Nothing is Off Limits! 

To be ignorant means to be void of specific knowledge.  Stupidity is being ignorant and choosing to not learn.  Arrogance is being stupid and proud of it.  I am intolerant of stupid and arrogant people, entities and institutions, especially when they harm innocent people.  I expose inimical folly at every opportunity and report to you with my findings.  Ideally, you will regularly read my brief, well-written, researched, balanced reports and they will compel you and other excellent people into action affecting positive change in our world.

TJ Reports by Tia JolieOnly part Goddess, I remain mindful of my human Princess component.  To wit, I sometimes make mistakes in logic, fact or reason.  When I do, please advise me of my errors in the with a well-written, substantiated exposition of your own.

Suggest a Topic!  You may search TJ Reports by topic, name, category or key words, or scan recent articles on the Reports & Commentary menu tab.  If you want me to research and report on a specific issue that negatively impacts our lives and you feel it deserves my critical spotlight, please tell me about it using the Submit a Topic tab on my site menu.  I am a catalyst for controversy when the subsequent discourse helps humans.  Thank you in advance for helping me to help all of us!

The Big Plan.  It would be a very high honor for me to earn your endorsement and advocacy.  After I earn your trust and respect, please share your positive feelings about me with the Peeps in your World.  I will generate my report and create a solution for the issues on which I report, but I am asking you and yours to be the impetus for change.  Together, we can make a better world.  Okay?

We are Friends.  I ascribe to the notion that a stranger is merely a friend I have yet to meet.  In this context, I consider you my friend until you demonstrate otherwise.  Friends may disagree on specific issues, but let’s agree in advance to communicate our differences with kindness, integrity, rationality, reasonableness, peacefulness and manners.

Finally, please feel free to use this online forum as a method to ask me questions about personal difficulties you may be experiencing in your life.  As a friend, I will render to you my ideas, insights, perspectives and suggestions.  Please use the Submit a Tip menu tab to submit to me those queries.

I am truly excited to have you as a part of my world.

Your New Friend,

Tia Jolie


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