Tia Jolie Phillips, PhD

Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition Doctor

Holistic Health & Healing Priestess (Ordained)

Dr. Tia Jolie believes that your health should not be subject to the governance of medical associations who are controlled by big pharmaceutical companies.  In fact, some of her best clients are medical doctors who have grown frustrated with an incoherent medical system that often seems to do more harm than healing.

Tia Jolie is a Doctor of Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition (PhD) and she is an ordained Holistic Health & Healing Priestess which allows her to speak to you about your health with impunity, candor and absolute privacy protection.

She received her first academic degree in Electrical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy where her interests were in the physics of light and sound.  She has since expanded those interests to include the biological implications of cymatics, electromagnetic therapies, energy healing, orthomolecular science, structured water and epigenetics. [More Info – Complete Biography]

As a subject matter expert in holistic natural health & healing, Dr. Phillips consults medical doctors, speaks at health seminars, and is a personal coach & health resource to celebrities.  While most of her work is done via telephone and live video conferencing–which allows her a worldwide reach–many of her Central Florida clients prefer using her personal concierge services whereby she meets them where it is convenient for them–at home, work, library or cafe.

Dr. Phillips does not participate in the rigged medical insurance game, so she charges fee-for-service.  However, she frequently waives/reduces her fees for patients suffering extreme hardship. Tia Jolie announces her free local seminars and online webinars in her newsletter and via social media.  She accepts online payments via Pay Pal and cryptocurrency.  And she loves to barter.  Tia Jolie grants sizable discounts–often pro bono–for local groups of 20+ attendees.

Happy, Healthy, Balanced & Grounded


“Dr. Tia Jolie, having known you now for only a few months, it is clear to me that you are probably too modest to share this note, but I just have to tell you how grateful I am to you for changing my life.  I am truly in your debt.  (I consider you my Earth Angel, ha ha.)”  S.W. [Pro Athlete]

“…and I wondered how you could possibly offer an unconditional money-back guarantee, but now I completely understand.  Honestly, [your clients] should be paying you two or three times what you are charging, doctor.”  L.L. [Executive Director of National Charity]

“Tia Jolie, you have taught me more about health, nutrition and self-love than any other singular person in my life! (And at my age Dear, that’s a real statement!)  I really think you should be [teaching] medical doctors, to be honest.”  E.M. [Retired Broadcast Personality]

“You are unlike any other doctor I have ever met–and that is a very good thing!”  A.P. [Entrepreneur, Business Owner]

“…and right when I was about to lost all hope, a girlfriend told me about you.  She was right…you are part angel, part doctor, part mystic and 100% friend.  You have blessed my world…”   K.C. [Investment Advisor]

“Thanks for our session yesterday…I feel hopeful.  I slept like a baby. I’ve had wicked insomnia since I was a kid. That suggestion about being passionate about sleep was powerful. Thank you. [hand prayer emoji]”  J.D. [Consultant]