Early Years

Tia Jolie was born in Detroit, Michigan and her first home was in Westland, Michigan.  At four, her family relocated to Redford, Michigan where Tia Jolie attended George Fisher Elementary, John D. Pierce Jr. High School, and Lee M. Thurston High School.  Her first dreams included flying and airplanes.

Tia Jolie’s father was Macedonian and her mother was Ukrainian, so she was immersed in those cultures and their orthodox beliefs. She enjoyed Detroit’s diversity and had friends of all backgrounds, ethnicities and persuasions. Because her family of seven was not very wealthy, Tia Jolie learned very early that if she wanted more from life she had to just go get it. At 12-years old she got a paper route, then another and another. She added on a snow removal business and hired her friends to help with the heavy Michigan snowfalls. At 14, she began investing with the guidance of her uncle and has done very well with her real estate and other investments to this day. As high school commanded more of her time, she temporarily shelved her entrepreneurial endeavors to work part-time at a local drug store.

Tia Jolie was a trumpeter in middle and high schools and won consecutive summer scholarships to attend Michigan’s Interlochen Fine Arts Academy to play jazz. As an athlete, she primarily played ball and ran track, including hurdles, pole vault, and long jump.

As a high school senior, Tia Jolie competed for and won an appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy through Michigan’s Senator Donald Riegle.  She graduated with honors and all A’s as salutatorian (2nd of 409 students) from Lee M. Thurston High School in Redford, Michigan.  Ten days later, she reported for Basic Cadet Training for the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and spent the next four years earning the right to finally fulfill her dream of being a military aviator.

Air Force Academy & Flight Training

As an Air Force Academy cadet, Tia Jolie was on the Dean’s list (academic achievement), the Commandant’s list (military achievement), and/or the Superintendent’s list (for both lists simultaneously) for all but one semester.  As a freshman, she competed for and won placement in the Cadet Airmanship Program where she earned both her soaring wings and her military freefall parachutist wings.  She voluntarily participated in Reconnaissance Commando (ReCondo) Training and was asked to return as an instructor.

During her Academy years, she played a soprano bugle in the U.S. Air Force Academy Drum & Bugle Corps, she was an intramural boxer, she practiced martial arts, In May 1985, Tia Jolie graduated from the Academy earning a B.S. Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Physics.  She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and received her first choice of pilot training bases, Reese AFB in Lubbock, Texas, flying both the Lockheed T-37 “Tweet” and the Northrup T-38 Talon.

Military Aviator & Instructor Pilot

Upon graduation from Undergraduate Pilot Training in 1986, Tia Jolie received her first choice of aircraft and assignment–a C-141 Starlifter to McGuire AFB, New Jersey.  She completed her upgrade training and aerial refueling schooling at Altus AFB in Altus, Oklahoma.

In January 1987, Tia Jolie married and relocated to her first home in Moorestown, New Jersey where Tia Jolie continued her military flying career in the Military Airlift Command.  In the following few years, she welcomed her first and second sons into the world. Her life was changed forever.

Early in her flying career, Tia Jolie was hand-picked to fly critical White House support operations and quickly became proficient in air/land, air drop and aerial refueling missions.  Her work involved flying worldwide in support of U.S. Operations stateside and abroad.  In three years, she visited almost 50 countries, missing only the continents of Antarctica and Australia. In 1989, she became a C-141 Aircraft Commander as a First Lieutenant, ahead of her peers.  Tia Jolie also tested for and received her civilian pilot’s license to fly multi-engine airplanes in instrument conditions.

Towards the end of her first tour, she wanted to increase the amount of time she spent with her young family, so she accepted an opportunity to become an Instructor Pilot in the Air Force’s supersonic trainer, the T-38A Talon.  By the end of the year, she moved her family to Reese Air Force Base in Lubbock, Texas. 

During this tour, now Captain Tia Jolie Phillips served as an Assistant Flight Commander, a Flight Safety Officer, and Squadron Training Officer.  Later, she was to become one of only two pilots certified to fly in ejection seat-equipped aircraft with the audio-visual equipment required to produce In-Flight Training Programs for the base.

Additional Air Force Jobs

Yearning to return to her home state of Michigan, Tia Jolie accepted a rated supplement tour—the ignoble “desk job”—with the hope of being able to land a flying job with a local Michigan Air National Guard unit.  From 1992 until 1995, Tia Jolie served as the Recruiting Service’s Chief of Advertising and Promotions for the state.  As a prerequisite for that work, Tia Jolie was hand-picked to attend the prestigious, Defense Information School (DINFOS) for intense training in public affairs and marketing.

During her subsequent tour of duty as Advertising and Promotions Officer for the State of Michigan, she generated almost $3 million of free media exposure for the Air Force, and for her efforts received national recognition from recruiting headquarters.  She was consequently chosen to train her peers in other states and elements of her marketing strategies were adopted by the Air Force for their programs nationwide.  Tia Jolie’s exceptional work in promotions and marketing eventually led her to a job at Air Force Recruiting Headquarters where she managed the Air Force’s national budget for all officer programs.

In 1993, Tia Jolie was blessed with her first daughter.  As much as Tia Jolie loved her Air Force career, she knew that her primary calling was one of being a parent.  Her desire to spend more time with her family was so intense that she spent many evenings and weekends seeking ways to work from home.

In early 1994, Tia Jolie advised her commander that she could not be accepting further promotions within the Air Force.  As if he did not hear, Tia Jolie’s commander ordered her to attend Squadron Officers’ School at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.  Tia Jolie dutifully attended—though under duress—and returned as a Distinguished Graduate from that school.

Later that year, Tia Jolie met the struggle of her life realizing that her marriage was no longer viable.  Saddled with pending orders to Korea that did not permit her to have a family with her, Tia Jolie filed for divorce then agreed to a co-parenting arrangement for her three children.  During her times alone, she re-dedicated herself to improving her mind, body, and spirit while seeking to salvage her decimated estate.

Newly divorced, Tia Jolie’s routine outside of work involved going to the gym, talking to her priest, and reading books. A church and weight-lifting friend suggested she meet a friend of his to see if she could help her because she, too, was recently divorced from an obsessive-compulsive spouse.

The girl was a full-time paralegal at the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, she headed a staff of paralegals and she was exceptional at her work. In the months to come, they became best of friends, sharing light, hope, perspectives, laughs and sobs with each other. The two found a romance and friendship. They eloped and were married in December of 1995.

Post-Military Work & Civilian Flying

After receiving her honorable discharge from the Air Force in November 1997, Tia Jolie made a bee line for the Air National Guard in Battle Creek where she was planning to accept a full time job flying A-10 attack aircraft.  However, to her surprise and dismay, the unit’s newly-installed commander had a different “favorite flyer” that was hired instead.

Without a cockpit or flight deck, Tia Jolie scrambled to land on her feet and was immediately hired as a Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical sales representative.  As a new saleswoman, Tia Jolie moved her assigned territory from the bottom 10% to the top 10% in the country in less than six months.  Within her first year, she became a sales trainer and taught her peers sales techniques at her manager’s request.  Successful in, but not impressed with, the pharmaceutical industry, Tia Jolie took a tip from yet another gym friend to check into marketing mortgages as a loan originator.  She did so, and after less than a year led that company’s sales staff in gross yield for loans closed.

In July 1999, Tia Jolie and her partner were blessed with a baby of their own. By then, Tia Jolie was working full-time from her home office–a fulfillment of a life dream to finally be the full-time parent.  The flexibility in her new schedule allowed her to chase other dreams like re-establishing her workout schedule, allowing her partner to pursue her life’s ambition of earning a degree in the culinary arts, and being able to once again take to the skies in pursuit of other flying opportunities.

Though less than a year in the mortgage business, Tia Jolie began writing freelance columns for various newspapers and publications, and speaking to small groups of Realtors at every opportunity.  She took clippings of her work to local newspapers for publishing consideration for many months without success or even an acknowledgement of her work.  Finally, after six months of trying, Tia Jolie was given an opportunity to publish for the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, a network of papers that covered 15 local communities in Detroit’s western suburbs. 

This new front-page opportunity as a newspaper columnist was a major blessing in Tia Jolie’s life and mortgage business as it allowed her to share her ideas with 250,000 readers weekly and benefit from the resulting business.

In the fall of 2005, Tia Jolie’s persistent efforts to return to the cockpit paid off in that she was hired to fly corporate jets out of Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, Michigan and out of Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).  In August 2006, she left that company to fly as a “Pilot for Hire” performing freelance contract work for corporate flyers. In September 2006, Tia Jolie earned an additional pilot type rating in the Boeing 737 using her VA Educational Benefits and in November 2006 was hired as an instructor pilot for Flight Safety, Incorporated.  On the fast-track, she was selected to serve as a Check Airman (Training Center Evaluator) in January 2007 and received her certification to do so in February 2007.

Airline Captain

April of 2007 brought Tia Jolie a commercial flying opportunity allowing her to once again fly “heavy metal”.  She was hired by JetBlue Airways to fly the Airbus A320 throughout North America and the Caribbean.  Quickly, Tia Jolie learned that commuting to her pilot base in New York from her home in the Detroit area was a painfully inefficient and in the summer of 2009 she moved her family near JetBlue’s Florida pilot base in Ft. Lauderdale so she could drive to work instead. This move blessed her with an extra 10 to 12 nights home per month.

In 2010, due in large part to the instability in the airline industry and concern for her continued airline employment, Tia Jolie became a licensed Realtor in Florida as a back-up career.  As she had hoped and planned, her new predictable schedule allowed her more time with her family and for further developing her family businesses.

Tia Jolie upgraded to Captain in 2014 and remained living in Florida. She is currently on a long-term leave of absence from flying with JetBlue Airways, but a return to airline flying remains possible.

Post-Graduate Academics

During her last few years actively flying with JetBlue, Tia Jolie decided to extend her formal education into the areas of human health. She studied while traveling, often in hotels, terminals and even by poolside. While still flying, she added a Bachelorette of Science in Holistic Nutrition and in 2014, Tia Jolie added a Mistress of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition from The University of Natural Health.

In 2016, she became a doctor, earning an additional (PhD) degree Holistic Nutrition and Natural Health. With that work behind her, she became certified as an Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, and was ecclesiastically ordained as a Holistic Health and Healing Minister,

As a doctor, Tia Jolie consulted clients ranging from professional athletes to the chronically and terminally ill with great success. Her skills allowed her to have a steady stream of word-of-mouth clients as she answered the cries of those who wished for natural alternatives to the modern medical paradigm and to those who were discarded by it. Dr. Phillips does not take money from people who need her help, so she gives free help to people who need her. (She says God pays her directly and the pay is exceptional.) She offers free 30-minute consultations to coachable people who seek guidance in removing themselves from the Big Medicine/Big Pharma death grip or for those who wish to avoid it.


In her youth, Tia Jolie sang in church choirs, performed in school plays and played trumpet in marching band, jazz band, pep bands and for community events. As a first-year cadet at the Air Force Academy. those musical skills helped her compete for a spot as a soprano bugler in their Drum & Bugle Corps where she was able to perform in stadiums around the country, at the Pentagon and even in Tokyo.

Her years flying and supporting a young family did not leave much time for music, but at 45-years-old she taught herself to play bass guitar with some guidance from her older brother and hundreds of hours studying online videos. Her first opportunity as a rock bassist was with an all-original band from West Palm Beach where she created about two dozen original bass lines. A few years later, she staffed a 7-person multi-talented band of her own in Jupiter, Florida, which went away when she moved to Central Florida in 2019.

Tia Jolie remains active playing bass guitar in support of local bands and musicians in and around Lake County, Florida, covering a wide variety of genres, but she mostly enjoys edgy, unique rock. You can hear some of her live public recordings on her public BandMix profile. In January 2024, she left her post as the bass player for a Phil Collins/Genesis tribute band, and now is back to supporting musical projects local to Florida.

Sports & Athletics

As a young athlete, Tia Jolie played organized baseball for school and for community leagues, including an interstate travel team. In high school, she ran varsity track & field competing in the low hurdles and the pole vault. In college, she fought on her squadron’s intramural boxing team for four years and was active in the Tia Kwan Do club.

Today, Tia Jolie remains active in yoga, Pilates, swimming, biking and Krav Maga.  She also stays in shape working on her 20-acre homestead. She applies the same health principles to her own life as she did when she was coaching semi-pro and pro athletes as they sought to eke out extra power, endurance and performance.


Tia Jolie has served her family, the churches and her communities throughout her life. As a young child, she was an altar servant and printed the weekly church bulletin using an offset press.  In high school, she voluntarily learned CPR and taught hundreds of adults and teens CPR during her high school years.

While in the Air Force, Tia Jolie was an honored supporter of a well-known homeless organization. After receiving her honorable discharge from the military, she served as President of her city’s Rotary Club and as the President of her church’s board.  More recently, she was recognized as a leader in affecting positive change for marginalized and threatened We the People, especially at-risk and LGBTQ teens.

Tia Jolie leans towards libertarian ideas and supported her local Libertarians in Florida. She is also the creator of the Real Censored News channel on Telegram and the director of Earth Angel Media which is a broadcast featuring creators, entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, inventors, innovators and freedom rebels.

Business, Sales and Investing

From 12-years old, Tia Jolie was an entrepreneur. She was tops in sales for everything from new subscription starts on her newspaper delivery routes to her service in supporting Air Force recruiters to her post-service rookie performance as a pharmaceutical representative.

To expound, during her tour of duty as Advertising and Promotions Officer for the State of Michigan, she generated almost $3 million of free media exposure for the Air Force, and for her efforts received national recognition from recruiting headquarters.  She was consequently chosen to train her peers in other states and elements of her marketing strategies were adopted by the Air Force for their programs nationwide.  Tia Jolie’s exceptional work in promotions and marketing eventually led her to a job at Air Force Recruiting Headquarters where she managed the Air Force’s national budget for all officer programs.

Tia Jolie has also had successes in various direct-to-consumer marketing programs and was an early adopter of Internet-based technologies and companies including investments in Amazon, Riot (blockchain), Grayscale Bitcoin, American Airlines (during their bankruptcy), Overstock, Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) and numerous cryptocurrencies. She is currently an ambassador and instructor for investors who have zero experience in the crypto space but wish to learn about making money in bull, bear and transverse digital markets, in digital foreign exchange markets (FOREX), and in e-commerce. She is a strong opponent of all fiat currencies and government-backed monetary Ponzi schemes and an equally ardent proponent of real monies that are backed by precious metals.

Tia Joile’s largest financial successes, by far, have been in real estate. She has made some fortuitous property purchases and continues to do so. Her previous work originating mortgages and writing a front-page mortgage column for the real estate section of the Detroit area’s Observer & Eccentric’s newspapers placed her in proximity to brilliant minds of all types in the real estate industry. She learned much from those five years and beyond.

Looking forward, Tia Jolie has positioned herself defensively for the looming economic and monetary collapses as the Keynesian academic theories implode onto themselves and finally yields to the reality of Austrian Economics. She intends to self-fund a very large land parcel for her Earth Angel project–the first phase of which was the rollout of Earth Angel Media–and will be building virtual projects using tech solutions offered by novel Web 3-minded companies like Hedera Hashgraph.

Ongoing and Future Projects

Dr. Phillips is active with many entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2019, she bought a home on 20-acres in Florida’s Lake County where she is developing her permaculture estate on Phillips Island. She is using her first-hand experiences in her “sandbox” to discover the things that will scale up to her bigger Earth Angel Project that will include a 1,000 acre prototype within an hour of Orlando, Florida.

Her Earth Angel Project has many facets, but the main elements are:

  1. The establishment of a worldwide, multilingual “good news” Earth Angel Media broadcast that features entrepreneurs, game-changers, innovators, business rebels, truthers, problem-solvers and creators or all sorts;
  2. The creation of a prototype “template” of a self-sufficient, sustainable community that is based on the principles of abundance, Austrian economics and voluntaryism; and
  3. The establishment of a worldwide Earth Angel “Freedom Directory” that is of We The People and for We The People across the world.

Tia Jolie provides horsepower to many grassroots movements to restore Constitutional power to We The People. She is a Lake County contact for FreedomCells in Florida and will be growing out a venue for We The People in Florida. She has also responded with positive assistance to requests from groups ranging from Pentagon insiders to trucker freedom convoys to incarcerated freedom rebels who have learned about her work from her real Censored News telegram channel.

Natural Health, Sovereigns & Creators

Dr. Phillips maintains that many of our individual and societal problems are directly related to our divergence from those things that are holistic and natural. She shares with her Padawans that they are burgeoning with abundance within and surrounded by resources without, contrary to the world’s ubiquitous and pervasive programming that we are broken, insufficient, and incomplete and in need political, spiritual and economic saviors.

Tia Jolie teaches voluntaryism which promotes that all interactions amongst and between truly free people are both voluntary and consensual, and that other people or groups of people–especially those permitted limited powers by the consent of the governed–shall not infringe upon our natural birthrights, freedoms, transactions and interactions. Further, she denounces the use of force in all instances except in the defense of self and others, maintaining that the need to use physical, political, military, financial, police, administrative, social or other types of collective force to exert one’s will upon individuals or groups is prima facie evidence that one’s ideas are insufficient, uncompelling and worthy or retooling, recycling or composting.

Tia Jolie’s truth is that we can co-create Heaven here in this Earth Space by honoring every relationship, and by deferring to our Divine Self in all things including our dealings with each other, with ourselves and with our Earth Mother. Her lectures always bring her listeners back to a place of wholeness and connection to The Infinite Oneness, especially in the areas of health and wellness.

Tia Jolie no longer works for money, nor does she charge for her consultancy or advisements. And you may book an online appointment with her using the “Finding Me” scheduling menu item on this site. You may also access her Virtual Menu for other access points.

Media, Lectures & Engagements

Dr. Phillips has been a guest speaker on podcasts and radio programs, she has given sermons at churches and presented to local groups on wellness issues. She engages and advocates for groups who have grown to mistrust the so-called medical experts with their healthcare and suggests that the current broken medical paradigm represents neither heath, nor care. Her lifelong position on natural holistic health, which used to be considered “rebellious” is now coming daily to the consciousness of We The Peoples worldwide and she is being asked to present regularly on issues related to holistic health.

After being brutally censored by mainstream social media technocrats, Tia Jolie took to the alt media and created several entities that were more difficult to censor to help her and her fellow/sister truth-seekers and dissenters find each other and to amplify their voices in their fight against the deepening dystopian abyss created by power-grubbing sociopaths at the heads of virtually every institution. Her most notable effort as Tianon in the deployment of her Patriot News, Censored Web & Stolen History telegram channel which she finally acknowledged as her creation in late 2022.

Since then, she has been approached by and is working with several grassroots constitutional Patriot groups to restore proper function of the Republic of Florida by returning power to We The People. She puts direct pressures on ineffective and noncompliant government workers and servants and puts bright light upon them using various modes and means, including blogs, podcasts and impact media.

Family Life, Communities and Interest Groups

Tia Jolie is a spouse, a sister, a parent and a grandparent, but considers her family to extend well beyond bloodlines. Her circles include bandmates, freedom rebels, and her peer entrepreneurs and lightworkers. Some of her favorite peeps are musicians and she plays bass guitar for a touring Phil Collins/Genesis tribute band.

Dr. Phillips coaches entrepreneurs of all ages and helps them towards their goals using a variety of tools for leverage, many of which are detailed in her free Elements of a Perfect Business guide. She also offers free consult to those who complete her online Lifestyle and Workstyle Inventory.

Tia Jolie is the contact person for the Lake County Florida Freedom Cell which serves to connect like-minded truth- and freedom-seekers who meet voluntarily for mutual support and protection from tyranny and other threats. She also created and maintains a popular Telegram channel entitled Real Censored News that features alternative news, information and resources that have been withheld from the We The People across the world and that reveals evidence of histories that were hidden from us by the Church, the State and their Puppets.

Dr. Phillips lectures locally and throughout Florida on issues of personal, political and health freedoms and she is an advocate of voluntaryism, Austrian economics and the freedom principles on which America’s 1776 Constitution was established. In this vein, she is a self-proclaimed “Mama Bear” for at-risk and marginalized populations of an ilk and will defend truth, justice and freedom at every level of society. Her mantra is that, “None of us are Free until all of us are Free.”

Investor & Entrepreneur (current)

Tia Jolie advocates taking possession of stackable precious metal bullion, rounds and coins as a hedge against the inevitable fall of fiat currencies worldwide. Prior to 2022 she took up positions in real (non-paper) silver as a hedge in anticipation of the removal of the synthetic price suppression due to the unlawful use of derivatives and other commodities on the COMEX.

She also advocates involvement in novel crypto tech projects like Hedera hashgraph as the speed, security, utility and low cost of this DLT promise to put free market pressure against the globalist elitist technocrats. She is building out a worldwide Freedom Directory that will connect We The Peoples worldwide to facilitate the restoration of local supply chains, the decentralization of powers and the resurrection of viable and self-sufficient communities. Her position is that building grassroot, localized counter-economies is that best way to defeat worldwide financial tyranny.

A relentless advocate of minimal government involvement in our lives, she promotes the deployment of alternative, competing money over fiat, state-controlled currencies and encourages local peer-to-peer bartering whenever possible. Her tech team is working on a DLT application that will serve as a means to these ends for Peeps around the world.

Dr. Phillips teaches her entrepreneurial Padawans how to move away from debt slavery with fiat currency into productive abundance and the management of inbound passive money streams that emanate from wholly-owned assets. Space permitting, you may invite yourself to her next private online meeting where she teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how they may personally profit from online trends and technologies.