If you have known me for more than 5 minutes, you know that I have very little confidence in the future of the US Dollar.  I also remain a strong advocate for competing currencies both for trade and for value storage. As such, I am sharing with you these resources with the hope that they may benefit you as much or more as they have me.  I update this page as I discover new and better resources, so please check back often or sign up as a site member (pending) for notifications.

If you are brand new to using #cryptocurrency (#Bitcoin & #altcoin), I would suggest you spend a full week watching dozens of video primers on the subject on YouTube, then finding a big sister or brother who can help you get started.  Some tutorials are better than others, but you will get the concepts quickly.

Initially, you will need an “on ramp” to get your dollars converted into cryptocurrency.  I used #Coinbase because it was quick and easy. (There is a set-up process which takes some steps and time, but it is easy.)  If you click on the icon below to sign-up, both you and I will get $10 in Bitcoin from Coinbase as a “thank you” bonus.)

Hint:  After you sign-up for Coinbase, make sure to sign-up as a member of my website (feature pending) so I can share with you how to make your subsequent trades and purchases within that platform commission-free!

If you already know the basics about trading #cryptocurrencies and you prefer to remain anonymous while having access to both better trading tools and to hundreds of other #altcoins like #Ripple (XRP); #Substratum (SUB); #IOTA (IOT) and #BinanceCoin (BNB), then I suggest #Binance.  Though their trading platform is sometimes painfully slow, it is also very powerful and it allows you to privately keep your trades from prying government eyes.  That said, if you are not actively trading on the platform, you should consider dropping your coin assets into a secure wallet.

My third #altcoin trading platform is #KuCoin.  It is very similar to Binance and I use KuCoin to make coin orders that do not appear on the other Crypto Exchanges.  I find most of my favorite coins (and some great ICOs) on these sites, though not all altcoins are listed on these exchanges.  This exchange will give you access to coins like #ReddCoin (RDD); #Dent (DENT) and future coins that end up using #hashgraph technology.

If you want to use KuCoin to buy Bitcoin, altcoin and tokens, just click on this linked icon below.  Again, set-up is intuitive, quick and simple.

In no particular order or preference, here are the other trading platforms I use, in case you want to dig in further. (Just click on the icons to check each of them out.)



Also, I am using the Bread Wallet right now as it is simple, safe and secure. This wallet allows you to make transactions from your iPhone or Android. (click icon below)

I am still looking for an exceptional long-term crypto storage device or method that meets my standards.  I will share my finding right here on this page and if you are signed up as a member of this site, you will get a notification of the updates.