I take special care when I am suggesting third-party products and services.  These are some of the best I can find and I update them often. If you find these useful, please let me know.  And if you have other helpful suggestions, please drop me a note.  Just as with my daily living, I try to get the best value for my money–and FREE certainly gets my attention.

Each of my clients has a unique fitness goal, but most see this resource as essential for optimal health.  Many of my clients choose to move towards a plant-based diet, so there’s a learning curve associated with proper food selections.  I coach others to watch their dietary fats/oils of all kinds and again this tool is priceless.  Strict raw food vegans have to take care to eat enough calories while not skipping essential nutrients.  Cronometer is the tool for that job, too.   The basic Cronometer is free, but you may upgrade if you like it.

Track Your Nutrition & Health Data