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Love Notes

The day I sat next to you on that [airline] flight I thought – this is a person that is so in tune/touch with everything.  From knowing the best things to put in to your body to feel great & have energy and you guided a total stranger seated next to you on what is good for you to eat, you changed my world…I have lost 13 pounds recently all in the stomach area after seriously following all of your recommendations. Which, by the way are hard to do when you have company in Florida & everyone goes out to eat.  Feel good & follow your gut.” – Mindy

“Good morning, Darling. I’m having surgery in exactly 4 weeks!  Will you please give me some diet suggestions that can have my body best prepared? We have a [blender] so I can make pretty much anything.  Bonus points if I can lose weight on it, too, but really just help me maximize healing.” – Emmy