Health Coach

You are not broken. In fact, you are much closer to perfect. Your body is responding intelligently to the conditions presented to it. Simple changes can yield huge results. Although I longer take new clients, I am taking accepting new friends. Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation.

Skilled Aviatrix

Although I am not currently flying as a profession, I remain passionate about the science and art of flying airplanes. (And I miss it a lot!) I also miss my pilot peeps and I welcome opportunities to interact with other pilots of all types. If I can be a resource, please connect.

Geeky Nerd

As much as I am an esoteric coherent resonance, I am also a math, science tech goofball. I love to interact with inventors, entrepreneurs, innovators and problem-solvers and plan to feature them on my upcoming Earth Angel broadcast.


While I have played music my whole life, I have literally ‘found my groove’ as a bass player. In January 2024, I left my post as the bass player for a Phil Collins & Genesis tribute band, so if you are in central Florida and want to collaborate, let’s connect. Here is my BandMix profile.

Island Girl

My spouse and I grow pure foods on our 20-acre homestead “Phillips Island” using primarily permaculture principles–zero chemicals and only God’s natural ingredients. I love to learn, teach, and share. My “plant peeps” share from abundance and we hope you will join us.

Warrior Princess

I am more of a fighter now than I was even as an Air Force pilot. We the People worldwide are rallying for humanity. We are restoring our Constitutional Republic domestically and helping other We the Peoples worldwide reclaim their sovereignty.

Wealth Catalyst

I started my first business and made my first investments in the 70s. I have done well since then. If you run out of money before you run out of month, or if you just dig residual incomes, here’s a freebie for you. Check out my Perfect Business Video Tutorial.

Crazy Friend

My life goal is to bring forth Heaven on Earth in all of its forms. (It sounds crazy, I know.) Part of that is helping friends find peace. I teach and live truly loving without condition. My life is one of kindness, compassion and acceptance. You can find my social media links, projects and other ways to connect on my Virtual Menu.

Connect, Coach, Consult or Co-Create